Reference (e-mail) 1 - Sent: 11. 02.2010 / Subject: Regards from Ukraine.

Guten Abend, dear Frau Astrid Wie geht es Ihnen? Today I have seen your mail address and decided to write you and to say THANK YOU very, very much for your attention to me and for your excellent interesting lessons.

It was really unforgotten time for me in your school and I also would like to say that I have never met such wonderful teachers especially Axel - I am sure he has talent to explain and to teach.

Best regards to all your teachers I thank you very much.

Gayane Malkhasyan (08.12.2009 - 31.01.2010)

Reference (e-mail) 2  - Sent: 29 05.2012 / Subject: B2 exam


Dear Ms. Steyer,

Now I’ve done the B2 exam, everything went very well! I wanted to share the results with you and at the same time say,,"Thank you so much, so much for the help!"
German with you is fun!

Sincerely, E.S. “The Swede” (16.09.2010 - 16.04.2011)


Reference (e-mail) 3  -  Sent: 11 02.2013 /

Dear Mr. Orsini
Unfortunately, the good times at your school are coming to an end! I thank you very much for two years of great support and professional guidance!
My French teacher, Melanie has her job very well done! I felt completely at ease and was able to learn in a relaxed atmosphere and gain self-confidence.
I wish you and your school many successful and beautiful moments.
Best regards


M. St. (23.03.2012 - 20.03.2013)

Reference (e-mail) 4  - Sent: 09.07.2013 / Subject: Re: Portuguese lessons

Dear Ms. Steyer, Mr Orsini,
Yesterday I had my last Portuguese lesson. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. I learned a lot in a short time and appreciated the flexibility of your school very much, which made learning with Jean fun..
This made ‚Äč‚Äčlearning fun with Jean. I wish her all the best.


Thomas A. K. (29.11.2011 - 08.07.2013)