Orsini language school Ltd. in Basel

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Learning German in Basel - Orsini Sprachschule

  • Lessons with one or two persons

  • Groupswith max. 7 persons

  • Mother tongue teachers

  • Best method

If you want to learn German or improve your German for example in a small group, then click on German.

If you don’t want to waste your time, then sign up for a course. You can too call us (061-281 94 96) or mail us (orsini@datacomm.ch) to make an appointment.

German Courses free of charge

From August 2015, we are offering the following courses in classes of 3 - 7 people:

90 lessons of 40 minutes each or
80 lessons of 40 minutes + 2 private 40-minutes lessons.
If you received a voucher from the Residents’ Registration Office, these courses are free of charge. Also our ongoing courses that match your German language skills.

Funding is provided by the Education Department of the Canton Basel-Stadt.


Every week the Orsini school opens new German classes for beginners or students with knowledge.